Why M.E.N.D.?


M.E.N.D. is primarily a simplified way of qualifying decision points throughout your day that may make drastic changes to your body, your attitude towards yourself and others, as well as possibly extend your lifespan.

As a nurse, I feel as though the greatest influence I can have on the health of others is by promoting health and encouraging the prevention of illness. It is always better to prevent an illness, or to prevent an illness from progressing, than it is to cure it once it is in full force. My focus for helping you M.E.N.D. is not only to help you become healthier in the body you are in now, but to set the stage for the future you to be illness free as well.



Your happiness and well-being is in your hands. Life is complex, and the interactions between you and others around you may cause you distress. By taking ownership and realizing that the health of your body and your mind is your responsibility, no one else’s, then and only then can you become truly healthy and happy.

Some people are far from this goal, some have already achieved it, but for most, including myself, this is a winding path. Traversing this road and finding the shortest path to happiness and well-being will be a lifetime journey; a wonderful journey. Together, let’s make this easily achievable goal as simple as possible.

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Adult Nutritionals – Juice Plus Fiber

Adult Nutritionals – Juice Plus Fiber

Juice Plus Fiber
Juice Plus Fiber

Juice Plus Fiber is made with 100% juice from concentrate and has 5 g
of soluble fiber (20% of the Daily Value) in 4 fl oz. It is a good fiber source without the taste or texture of other high-fiber products. One 4-fl-oz serving (apple) contains 70 Calories and 19 g of carbohydrate. Available frozen in 4-fl-oz containers in two delicious varieties–Apple and Orange, as well as in shelf-stable 8.45-fl-oz brikpak cartons in Apple, Orange and Grape.

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Hoodia Maximum Strength

You’ve seen it on “60 Minutes” and read the BBC News report … now find out just what everyone is talking about and get yourself some Hoodia Maximum Strength today!

  • Suppress your appetite and feel full and satisfied all day long
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Lose excess weight
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Burn body fat
  • Burn calories
  • Attack obesity
  • No known side effects
  • Maximum results seen after only a few weeks
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • MAINTAIN your weight loss
  • Make losing weight a sure guarantee
  • Look your best during the summer months


What if you could fool your brain into believing that you are full? Amazing, but true!

Imagine the weight that you could lose if you could JUST REDUCE your appetite. This miracle drug has been around for thousands of years but only recently has it been made available to the general population. Hoodia is an ugly cactus that grows deep inside the African Kalahari desert thriving in extremely high temperatures. The San Bushmen of the Kalahari, one of the world’s oldest and most primitive tribes, have been eating the Hoodia plant for more than 100,00 years to stave off hunger during long hunting trips.

After 30 years of scientific research, Hoodia is finally available for modern man!

Stop wasting your money and time on pills that do not work. Try Hoodia Maximum Strength and see the results for yourself. We are so confident that you will love the new you that we guarantee your complete satisfaction or will cheerfully refund your money.

See details of our guarantee “.

Keep Your Relationship with the viagra

Sex is most likely the numerous primary explanations why people enter love associations. Therefore, it is vital that the sexual issue is handled while using importance it warrants without the situation can get out of control. You are looking for this kind of information because our relationship may be round the rock as as well as the primary cause is the possible lack of ability to get a harder erection when sexually stimulated. Although an average symptom in recent days, erection disorder might be a serious problem in the love relationship. It is so serious that it can cause separating of homes and close ties or possibly mere associations. Even though this is the problem, solutions haven’t did not have.

You might be coping with this tough situation because of the lower sides that existence presents different from work demands, wealth creation, and hard amount of time in studies among many other issues. You might be because kind of situation at this time around and wondering methods for getting over this situation. Your pals have probably stated the ” for you personally or you will have across it on the internet or magazines however, you haven’t had enough convictions yet. However, you ought to get that conviction now because the little viagra may help save relationship permanently.

Nowhere pill discovered accidentally in 1992 has acquired an excellent worldwide status over time and a lot of grownups learn about exactly what it are capable of doing to assist in fixing erection complications. The pill includes chemicals that manage to raise the blood stream flow within the arterial bloodstream ships in the heart to the penis. Unlike other parts of the body such as the legs and hands that have bones, the penis can be a smooth muscle that requires sufficient flow of blood stream with this to stretch. In addition, almost always there is the very best dosage for everybody in whichever age bracket. In addition, if you are medication the doctors can almost always give you advice accordingly.

The undesirable results of the viagra are frequently well referred to to make sure that people to understand what you may anticipate. If used correctly, the little viagra usually produce outstanding results. There’s there’s there is no need people putting things off while trying to come to a decision about its safety and effectiveness. You have to decide to before it’ll get too far gone and you also lose the partner you plenty treasure. The reality that many people all over the world started to believe and rehearse the viagra to assist them save their associations implies that it’s effective enough. However, it is crucial that you’re going to get to gather the key particulars about the viagra dosage, how a right pill seems like, when and whether or not to accept pill, the expected undesirable effects additionally to where exactly to buy it. This kind of details are essential if you are for the greatest benefits utilizing their use. Furthermore you wouldn’t like to endure severe discomfort or any damages in the reproductive organs. For individuals who’ve been frightened of using the viagra, you now know it’s the treatment for your problem!

Wishing You a Delicious Holiday Season!

We all know the early bird gets the worm, but frankly,
even we can’t think of a way to make worms taste
So we’ve come up with a better reward for planning

Book an event with us by January 31st, and we’ll say
thank you with this snazzy cooking tool set (pictured
above). Chef Stephen
advocates having as few tools in the kitchen as
Only those tools that really contribute to the ease and
cooking deserve your precious drawer space! These
gems are useful in many situations and will definitely
their keep. (They are heat proof up to
800В°!). Gift includes a silicon spatula, whisk, and
A $40 value.

Your event can take place any time between January 1
and June 30, 2007. So make sure 2007 gets off to a
scrumptious start for your team by planning a fun and
memorable culinary event with Hands On Gourmet.

How to Order – Discount Canadian Prescriptions LLC

The Price is Right, so is the Process

1. Place your Order Online.

2. Read and sign release form.

3. Attach prescription or prescription number.

  • Drugs delivered to your home by mail in 7-10 days.
  • Up to 90 days supply available.
  • Savings from 25-88% off U.S. retail.
  • We offer 24 hrs a day online ordering.
  • Our licenced Pharmacists are on duty 9AM to 5PM central time.

Generally you’ll receive your prescription drugs within 7-10 working days after submitting your completed order and required forms.
Current postal shipping volumes and difficulty in verifying your prescription can cause delays.

We Suggest ordering your prescriptions at least 30 days in advance.

If you wish to place your order over the phone you may do so by calling


” if you have any questions.

Home Medical Equipment

Home Medical Equipment Accredited American Board for Certification – Madison Lake Oconee

Thrifty Mac Pharmacy has an extensive selection of Medical Equipment and supplies.We accept Medicare, Medicaid, & Private Insurance.

Alternating Mattress Systems     Enteral (Tube Feeding)     Lift Chairs & Hoyer Patient Lifts
Bath Benches                            Exercise Pedals                 Mattress (Foam, Reg)
Bed Pans                                   Exercise Balls                    Nebuliziers & Supplies
Bed Pads                                   Elevated Toilet Seats        Oxygen Concentrators & tanks
Bedside Commodes                   Gait Belts                          Ostomy Supplies
Bed Shampoorer                        Gouns  & Gloves               Ramps (Portable)                             
Braces                                        Grabbers                            Rollators
Baths Bars                                  Handheld Showers             Scooters  (scooter lifts for cars)
Blood Glucose Meter                  Handi Bed Rails                 Support Hose & Socks
Blood Pressure Cuffs                  Heel & elbow Protectors      Suction Machine & Caths
Canes                                        Hip Kits                               Tub Transfer Bench
Crutches                                     Hospital Beds & Trapese    Traction Kits (over Door) ,  Urinals
Catheters, Foley, Condom          Humidifiers                         Tables for Hospital bed
Commode extensions                 Heating Pads                      Wheelchairs (Petite, Reg, Large)  & Electric
Commode Rails                         Hand Exersisers                   Walkers, Reg, 2 wheeled, 4 wheeled
Diabetic Supplies                      Incontinent Supplies           (Transport fold up wheelchairs)
Diapers (Adult)                          Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs    Wheelchair Cushions

(Lots more on display or call for assistance)       Wedges, for bed. 7.5 & 12 inch
Home Hospital Beds
Home Oxygen
Jazzy Electic Wheelchairs By Pride
Lift Chairs by Pride
Patient Lifts
Rollator Walkers *Many moldels & colors in stock*
Rollator Walkers 3 Wheeled *Special order*
Walkers Wheeled Folding
NEW ! Suction Bath Grab Bars

Alternating Mattress Systems Both Standard
and Deluxe Low Air Loss.
See photo on right >>>>>>>>>

Meridian Ultracare Excel Mattress
Transport Lightweight Wheelchairs Foldable
Wheelchair GEL or Foam Cushions
Hemi Side Walkers
Blood Glucose Testing Meters & Supplies
Nebuliziers & Supplies
Lifts for Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs **FREE INSTALLATION**
Bath Bench With or Without Back
Tub Transfer Bench
Elevated Toilet Seat with Handles
Walking Canes….Big Selection
Quad Canes (4 point)
Bath Grab Bars….Suction also available
Diabetic Shoes Over 100 Styles in Stock

Diabetic Shoes by Dr. Comfort, Dr. Zen, Orthofeet. Diabetic patients on Medicare are allowed 1 pair of shoes and 6 diabetic inserts per year. Medicare encourages good foot health for the diabetic patient.Talk to your doctor about Diabetic shoes. Our certified Diabetic Shoe fitter will gladly help you find the right shoe for your needs.

Diabetic Shoes
Guardian 911 Alert. Never pay rent
Guardian 911 Alert. For patients needing an affordable way to notify police/fire/ambulance. 

One time purchase, $189.00.

No monthly fees.

 Easily connected to any land line phone.

Stop by Thrifty Mac for more information.

Guardian 911 Pendent
Bell Horn Orthopedic Braces
Large selection of Orthopedic Braces & Support Stockings

Our staff will measure you to make sure the fit is correct.

Special orders available for odd sizes

Compression stockings by Truform

Fruit n Vegetable for Nutrition and WeightLoss

Five helpings of nutritious and low-calorie fruits and vegetables daily is perfect for health and weight management

Fruits and vegetables give you high nutrition and low calories. They have enormous therapeutic value with their rich nutritional composition,  high fibre and water content and boost immunity, improve stamina and protect us from several health problems such as poor skin and hair, obesity and chronic degenerative problems like heart disease, diabetes, cataract and cancer. Research shows diets containing substantial amounts of varied vegetables and fruits reduce chances of cancer by 20 per cent and of stroke and cardio vascular disease by 60 per cent.

“Helps in weight management 

Being low in calories and fat content and high in fibre, micronutrients and antioxidants with a high satiety value, they help in weight management. They work as fillers and can be treated as free foods with the exception of potatoes, sweet potatoes, jimikand and arbi, which must be used in moderation.

Keeps BP in control 

Owing to their high potassium and low sodium content, intake of fruits and vegetables is recommended for BP patients. These natural foods protect you from heart disease by preventing accumulation of cholesterol in arteries. Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of Omega-3 fats, the kind present in fish, which prevents heart disease.

Maintain blood glucose

The fibre in fruits and vegetables plays an important role in maintaining blood glucose levels. Since diabetics are more prone to oxidative cell damage leading to complications of kidney, nerves and eyes, the antioxidants in vegetables and fruits prevent these.

However, excessive consumption  of fruits or excessively sweet fruits and juices can impair glucose control. Diabetics need  to restrict their intake of mangoes, bananas and potatoes. High fibre content provides bulk in the diet for good bowel movement, and helps in maintaining good gut health and prevents constipation. Being a reservoir of antioxidants, fresh fruits and vegetables boost immunity, prevent nutritional deficiencies like anemia and maintain good hair and skin health.

Healthy tips

  • Include at least five servings of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Have them in soups, salads, juices and desserts. Mix in chapattis and dal.
  • Wash them thoroughly in saline water.
  • Avoid eating cut fruits and salads outside the house to prevent infections.
  • Choose cooking methods with minimum cooking time.

Feel The Waves Of Positivity In The Body With Ion Bracelet On The Wrist

From time immemorial jewelry has had a prominent role in showcasing the artifacts of various civilizations. As the civilization progressed there was a marked change in the design and the ornamental value of the jewelry. There were ornaments made of iron, copper, steel, alloys, gold, pearls, beads, seeds, coral, stones and diamonds. The jewelry which was made by blacksmiths is now a mechanized process in many parts of the world. Various places in the world have become known for its different variety of jewelry.
It has generated employment to many from exploration, cutting, grading, and polishing, to making the finished product.

There are many showrooms exhibiting crafted jewelry attracting many and offering it to the people with varied designs and prices. Today, the jewelry worn by them even represent their status in society. The jewelry industry is a multibillion industry generating revenues and adding to the gross domestic product of the various countries. Jewelry exhibitions today showcase the craftsmanship and the skill that goes into the making of these sophisticated, decorative pieces.

Varied options in jewelry

Jewelry has become a very important status symbol and a decorative item for men and women alike. Today’s modern women use jewelry to decorate from head to toe. There are a variety of designs in earrings, nose rings, chains around the neck, bracelets, anklets, toe rings, etc. Men have started to wear them too. Such is the ornamental value that today we see watches of gold, platinum and some are diamond studded. They are sometimes pierced in the eyebrows to add to the glamour quotient. Diamond studded crowns worn during marriage ceremonies are indeed an additional value to their beauty. There are traces of them in the embroidery of the clothing worn by the rich.

For those who cannot afford to wear these costly decorative items they have a choice to go for imitation jewelry, which is almost a look alike of the original jewelry and is made available at an affordable price. Jewelry has now become a highly valuable present on different occasions. Men now have tie pins and brooches which are of ornamental value.

Role of jewelry in personal development

Various jewelry and stones are believed to bring in cosmic energy to those wearing it, which is said to have the power to transform their thinking process and action that can bring fortune and change their lives for the better. At present, there are courses in jewelry design, gemology, manufacturing, fashion design and the like.

Ion bracelets – Enhancing the positivity and longevity of the body

is an ornament that apart from providing ornamental properties are designed to radiate negative ions which bring in the vibes of positivity in the body. It is capable of boosting the immune system, regulating the circulation of blood, efficiently optimizing or controlling the waste and toxin removal mechanism of the body. It is also efficient in freeing the stresses that exist within the person from work and day to day activities.

10 ways that to eat with wisdom.

Each day we’d like to eat additional. With the introduction of multi agency eat there. I don’t believe anyone here is nice. nowadays we’ve got many straightforward tips. advantages of ingestion a healthy, fully here.

1. ingestion breakfast may be a basic behavior that have an effect on the mind. And vitality to your life throughout the day. And facilitate scale back blood sterol levels. scale back the danger of cardiovascular disease. facilitate improve metabolism. the opposite meals you eat less.

2. Replace oil used for cookery. Willing to pay alittle vegetable oil. Or vegetable oil. cookery rather than oil antecedently used. it’s a fat that’s not harmful to the body. And saturated fatty acids area unit useful. scale back fat within the blood likewise.

3. Drinking additional water. individuals ought to drink a minimum of two liters each day. (Except in cases of excretory organ dysfunction) to nourish the cells within the body. Restore the gastrointestinal system. Maintain blood concentrations. Refreshments throughout the day.

4. Ca to strengthen bones. By drinking milk. Eat all the little fish, bean curd and soy product, foliaceous inexperienced chevrons as a result of Ca is required to create robust muscles and bones. The system work to its full potential.

5. Says sayonara to eat candy very little|and tiny|and small} by little. Please kind donuts, cookies, cake cutting of thick cream. Out of my life. Then address eat fruit as a snack rather than vitamins and fiber within the fruit. helpful than fat. Sugar from sweets and counties.

6. aware of ingestion whole grains and rice. helianthus seeds. Sorghum and millet. The rice wont to suppose that a birdseed. Has been studied and researched and located to assist scale back the danger of cardiovascular disease, as a result of one in 3 quite wealthy in fiber. to assist lower sterol levels. And to regulate glucose balance.

7. Classified themselves as tea, black tea, tea or garage Earl grey. All have inhibitor properties. Tea drinking one to three cups each day reduces the danger of abdomen cancer by half-hour.

8. Feed for all things natural. you would like to eat a spread of colourful fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, red and purple grapes, inexperienced block Keri orange carrot not persist with something to eat alone. the various coloured plants. There area unit differing types of nutrients. It conjointly adds color to eat you with.

9. remodeled himself into a fish lover. ingestion fish a minimum of once per week. each intelligence and strength. as a result of fish is omega-3 fatty acid fatty acids and supermolecule that helps regulate the heartbeat to traditional. And brain cells. it’s less fat, tasty, straightforward to digest for those who wish to contour the golem.

10. ingestion batty as a habit. The beans area unit one in all the foods you eat each day for two tablespoons a afters dish. That area unit either free or supermolecule, vitamins and minerals essential for several varieties gathered to protest in these beans. ought to eat batty often. I don’t eat plenty at a time. it’s high in calories. blubber will cause.