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She didn’t want anyone to know she was having troubles. Problem is, most everyone knew she was. But, since she didn’t talk about it, no one could offer support. Thus perpetuates the stigma of mental illness!

We’ve got to talk about it! We seem to have this attitude of comparing ourselves to others and believing we are the only people who have stress, depression, anxiety, etc., when, in actuality, we are far more alike than we are different.

So, I chose to illustrate this point using an iron gate. The gate is closed. You can see there is beauty inside. You would love to open the gate and share or be a part of whatever is inside, maybe even hidden. Why is the gate closed? Is it locked? Do you have the key? Or is this gate yours? It’s a beautiful gate, similar to others, yet different in its own way.

Open the gates in your life. Let people come in and be a part of who you are. Let others help when you need help. Help others when you can.

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