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Thought I would share a little about my pregnancy journey so far!! The real truth behind the scenes which I was afraid to share. It has not been all smiles, workouts and healthy eating…It was rough in the beginning. That is why you didn’t see me on here for a while!!! It has been on my heart to share how it all started….

Keeping healthy through my pregnancy with PiYO

When we first found out we were expecting, I’ll admit that both my husband and I were super nervous.
We had a miscarriage in April, and this time I was anxious and afraid to take any pictures or be excited because I didn’t want to get attached again and have to look back on it all and not be able to handle it. I wasn’t working out at all which if you have been following me, you know it is totally not like me. I was nervous that I might cause it again (even though deep down I knew God has a plan for me), I was tired and felt awful. All I wanted to do was rest and do my best to take care of the baby that was growing inside of me
My nutrition was nothing like it ever was! It was bizarre!! I wanted nothing to do with a lot of the staples in my day…salads, shakeology, and most vegetables. To be honest…I had a bagel every morning because that is all I could stomach…and the meals during the day were so hit or miss I could never plan because what I planned I never wanted!!! It was rough.

Around 15 weeks we had a few ultrasounds with positive results, and I felt excited for the first time about the journey that was ahead of us I started walking because it was still nice out and began another round of PiYo!! I was feeling good and I finally had energy back!!! My nutrition improved and I was craving salads and Shakeology and wow was I happy!!!

As you can see if you have been following me, I am still doing PiYo…modifying where I need to and eating as clean as I can. Now believe me, it’s not always easy, and I certainly do treat myself, but I just pick and choose my battles as I always say. I am someone who eats 80% clean and 20% fun! We have to live and enjoy life, but as I have another person to take care of I try to think about feeding us both to have a healthy, happy pregnancy!!!

I have no idea what the last three months will be like, but I am going to do all I can to continue to put my trust in God and take the best care of my body I can for me and baby boy Yerger.

Stay tuned for updates, videos of me and my baby belly working out, clean recipes, motivation and more! And of course, a whole new journey once the baby is born!!! I hope I can be an inspiration and support for anyone out there who is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or just wanting to take care of their body

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