Wellness Program Incentives. | Health Promotion Plan

Incentives can be used to raise participation rates, help with completion or attendance at programs, and to help person change or adhere to healthful behaviors.

The purpose of the incentive is to encourage staff members to adopt positive behaviors or maintain an existing positive behavior.

Everyone who achieves a goal or maintains a behavior ought to receive something. A lot of organizations also provide incentives merely for participating in events.

Stay away from being the “best” or doing the “most.” Encouraging people  to be the best or doing the most promotes excessive behavior, discourages others, and creates elitism.    

The best designed incentive programs are ones which are based on achieving goals that are attainable by most person. Recognition, acknowledgment by top management, or special privileges are examples of excellent intangible incentives.   

Incentive ideas –    

В• Free or Low-Cost –     

   o Certificates

   o Movie passes

   o Recognition in worker newsletter

   o Mugs

   o Water bottles

   o Commendation from management

   o T-shirts

   o Hats

В• Moderate Cost –     

   o Entertainment tickets

   o Sweatshirts

   o Waist packs

   o Subscriptions to health magazines

   o Health and fitness books

   o Videos

В• High Cost –     

   o Week-end getaways

   o Dinner for two

   o Clocks

   o Watches

В• Others –     

   o Cash

   o Gift certificates

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