Why M.E.N.D.?


M.E.N.D. is primarily a simplified way of qualifying decision points throughout your day that may make drastic changes to your body, your attitude towards yourself and others, as well as possibly extend your lifespan.

As a nurse, I feel as though the greatest influence I can have on the health of others is by promoting health and encouraging the prevention of illness. It is always better to prevent an illness, or to prevent an illness from progressing, than it is to cure it once it is in full force. My focus for helping you M.E.N.D. is not only to help you become healthier in the body you are in now, but to set the stage for the future you to be illness free as well.



Your happiness and well-being is in your hands. Life is complex, and the interactions between you and others around you may cause you distress. By taking ownership and realizing that the health of your body and your mind is your responsibility, no one else’s, then and only then can you become truly healthy and happy.

Some people are far from this goal, some have already achieved it, but for most, including myself, this is a winding path. Traversing this road and finding the shortest path to happiness and well-being will be a lifetime journey; a wonderful journey. Together, let’s make this easily achievable goal as simple as possible.

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