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An ancient
civilization, Oman’s history can be traced back to 12,000 BC.
The country is strategically located on the crossroads of
several trade routes that linked the ancient world.

Oman enjoys many unique features including an unspoiled culture
and lifestyle traditional in almost every aspect. The people are
friendly and offer incomparable hospitality. A rich variety of
flora and fauna abound, together with panoramic beauty witnessed
in its mountain ranges, deserts and sand dunes.

Oman takes pride in its rich cultural and architectural heritage
bestowed by hundreds of years of international trading and
foreign occupation. Evidence of a glorious ancient past is
spread all over the country which spread all over the country
which boasts more than 500 forts, castles, and towers. Their
diversity and numbers reflect the high standards achieved by
Omanis in architecture. Trips to the Oman museum at Qurm and to
the Natural History Museum in Al Khuwair are invaluable in
helping the visitor gain an insight into Oman’s history.The
Sultanate’s varied geography makes for a wide range of climatic
conditions. The best time of the year to visit Oman is between
October and April, when the weather is pleasantly warm in the
day and cool in the evening. Temperature average is 25-35
degrees centigrade during the day and plummet to 17-19

How to get to Oman?

Seeb International
Airport, located in Muscat, is served by many international airlines
such as British Airways, KLM, Kuwait Airways, Swiss Air and
Emirates. The national carrier is Oman Air which flies to the United
Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Pakistan, Qatar, Egypt, UK, many
European destinations and Sri Lanka as well as performing domestic
flights to Salalah, Masirah Island and Musandam.

Visa Requirements

There are many
countries whose citizens can obtain visit visa up to 14 days at
the airport on arrival. Please visit this website or for details
on Visa requirements. Most of the Western and European Tourists
may get Visa on arrival.

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