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03/01/2006 07:03 PM
Bristol-Myers drug raises diabetes risk: study (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

The Bristol Myers Squibb Co. antibiotic Tequin can have “life threatening” side effects including serious diabetes, according to a Canadian study on Wednesday which urged doctors to stop prescribing it.

03/01/2006 09:48 AM
Coma may be self-induced by teens with diabetes (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

Among people with diabetes, there’s a danger that too much insulin can lower blood sugar levels too far, which can lead to coma in severe cases. While this is nearly always an accidental mishap, in rare instances it may be intentional.

03/01/2006 05:31 PM
People with diabetes warned of antibiotic’s side-effects (CBC News)

The antibiotic Tequin can have life-threatening side-effects in people with diabetes, a study by Canadian researchers has found. The antibiotic gatifloxacin is sold under the brand name Tequin by its manufacturer, Bristol-Myers Squibb.

03/01/2006 02:01 PM
Free diabetes classes begin tomorrow (The Daily Dispatch)

Anne Hummel, RN and Certified Diabetes Educator, will be returning to Douglas to offer a free six-session course on self care and management of diabetes. This course is appropriate for people who have Type1, Type 2, gestational or pre diabetes.

03/01/2006 06:48 PM
Soap opera stars lined up for juvenile diabetes event (Independent)

The Central Jersey chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will host its first “Stars That Shine” karaoke and bartending soap opera event on March 31 at Elements, the lounge, Sea Bright.

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