Tent rental – frequently asked questions

What size tent rental do we need for our
This depends on the function. General formulas are as follows:

  • Sit-down dinners: 15 square feet/person

  • Buffet dinners: 10 square feet/person

  • Assemblage: 7-8 square feet/person

What size tents do you have?
Our smallest size rental tent is just under 50 square feet. Our largest single
tent is over 100,000 square feet. Our tent sizes available start at 7 feet
wide and go up to 165 feet wide. The lengths can be virtually as long as you
would like them to be.

What rental tent colors are available?
Although solid white is the most popular, about all colors are available
in solid or stripes.

What accessories are available?
Sidewalls, lighting, flooring, carpeting, graphics, air conditioning,
heaters, stages,
tables, chairs,

electrical distribution, restrooms, decor packages, safety
packages and much more!

Are permits required?
Every city has different requirements. The two most frequent
requirements are for a fire permit and building and safety permit.

What is most frequently required to get a permit?
A Signature Special Event Services’ flame certificate, a drawing of the
external and internal tent layout and engineering specifications.

Are your tents fire resistant?
Yes, all Signature Special Event Services’ tents come with a fire
retardant certification and are certified to meet or exceed all
requirements. They also are treated to resist ultra violet degradation.

Are your tents engineered?
Yes, most pole tents,
frame tents
and structures meet or exceed the same
engineering of 70 mph required for buildings.

Is it better to rent, lease or purchase?
This depends on your requirements and length of use. Our expert staff
can assist you with this decision.

How far in advance do I need to plan any order?
There is more planning and detail involved than meets the eye so we
would encourage you to plan ahead and allow as much time as possible.

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