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Joseph, you
are a teacher (and I do know  teachers) and I believe very unique in your
approach. It just comes from you, you live it, with joy, which is a quality the
best teachers have.

wanted to let you know that all this week I have been reveling in the
clarity and openness of my joints.I have been experiencing a whole
new level of awareness. 

Hannan, Artist, Yoga Teacher & Grateful Student

My first
experience with Feldenkrais Method was extremely positive. After the treatment,
I felt a great difference in my walk as my legs were moving forward with no
effort, my spine straight as holding my body together with grace and comfort,
and my neck and shoulders were relaxed without anymore pain.

Behavioral Interventionist in the making

Training helps me balancing my life and improves my sleep in simple, yet highly
effective ways. I have found in Joseph an insightful and sensitive teacher who
has introduced me to the full potential of AT.

Dr. M. Martens

“This is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the
prevention and reversal of deterioration of function. We’re condemning millions
of people to a deteriorated over time that’s not necessary.”

Margaret Mead, PhD,Anthropologist

“The Feldenkrais Method has had remarkable success in a range of chronic
complaints ranging from the debilitating, such as cerebral palsy or paralysis,
to the merely nagging, such as stiff necks, tension headaches or the

Science Digest

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