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Huge Savings At Taco Cabana!

Usually every month Taco Cabana has issued a coupon or a special offer that can be found at an exclusive coupon website I’m about to tell you guys about. I’ve tested the coupons and deals you can get and they worked 100%, and it’s free too. Supposedly only this website has it and any other coupon website that says they have it the coupon is expired or doesn’t work.

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The Taco Cabana is a chain of Mexican fast food restaurants which was founded in San Antonio Texas back in 1978. Taco Cabana is a casual restaurant which offers a family atmosphere at very reasonable prices. Coupons for Taco Cabana may be found on the company website or at other locations throughout the Internet. On occasion, Facebook offers discounted coupons for various restaurants throughout the US.

Taco Cabana Coupons > Finding a Printable Coupon

Taco Cabana coupons can offer the customer fabulous savings in addition to the already low prices offered. Taco Cabana printable coupons can easily be obtained and printed out within minutes. A Taco Cabana coupon can save the customer up to .00 on a variety of in house entrees.

One coupon in particular from Taco Cabana offers the customer .00 off a Cabana Bowl. When a customer purchases a Cabana Bowl they receive a free bean and cheese taco which includes your choice of beef or chicken. The Taco Cabana coupon for the Cabana Bowl has a coupon code of #7 and can be used up until May 31st, 2012.

Another Taco Cabana phenomenal offer includes buy one Taco plate and get the second plate for free. Taco plates include three tacos with either beef or chicken and a side order of beans or a salad. The coupon code for the Taco Plate is code #161 and may be used up until May 31st, 2012.

Taco Cabana Coupon Specials

Taco Cabana also offers group specials. A special coupon offer is now in effect until May 15, 2012 that gives the customer .00 off on any group meal at Taco Cabana. Group meals at the Taco Cabana normally consist of 3-4 people. The coupon code which applies to the group meal is code #162.

Taco Cabana seems to offer something for everyone. From now until May 31st two people can dine at Taco Cabana for the low price of just $9.99. In addition to the low price of $9.99, the customer is entitled to receive two 20 ounce drinks at no additional charge. The coupon code which applies to this unique offer for two is code #150.

In addition to the unique coupon discounts currently being offered at Taco Cabana, customers have the option to join the Taco Cabana Club for only .00. The Taco Cabana Club offers customers additional savings in conjunction with the printable coupons. The Cabana Club offers additional discounts and free tacos and desserts on occasion. Customers may sign up for special club offers on line or in person at any Taco Cabana location.

Finally, Taco Cabana coupons are perfect for individuals as well as families who like to dine out and at the same time save a considerable amount of money. Keep in mind, in order to receive these fabulous savings you need to visit the company and print the coupon of your choice. make sure you pay close attention to expiration dates and coupon limitations.

Taco Cabana also has a complete video description of the restaurant as well as specials currently being offered on you tube. You may use Google in order to be directed to the you tube presentation by Taco Cabana.


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