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Deekshithar Gurukulam

If our country wants to be prosperous, Vedas and veda related service activates activites should be performed sincerely. Now spiritual and traditional bharath is facing drought and other sad happenings. To curtail the above things, our veda bhavnam often performing Pournami (Full Moon) Homams, Chandi Yagas continuously for the past 25 years for the welfare of the mankind. D.G.V.Trust, with the help of donors running Veda Patasala for the last 22 years. Here Vidyarthis perform Samitha Dhanam, Chanting Veda Parayanam as a daily routine. We request devotes to offer magnanimous monitoring support for uninterrupted running of the trust.

If a devotee send Rs. 1 Lakhs to D.G.V Trust as Fixed Deposit (F.D) , the accured interest will be utilized for the food expenses of one Vidyarthi of the Patasala. In the period of 8 years, the vidyarthi will complete the study of Vedas. By that way, for a period of 8 years offering Vidhya dhanam and Anna dhanam everyday to one vidyarthi will lead to enlightenment and punyas to the devotee. That Dharma will bless the family tree of the devotee. Also donation can be offered as per the following.

Donation for the following categories for the above cause are invited:
1. One day Samaradhanai (boarding to Vidyarthees) Rs.2000/-
2. Fixed Deposit for meeting the one day Samaradhanai Rs.20,000/-
3.Fixed Depost for meeting the dress and books requirements of the vidyarthees Rs.5000/-
4.Fixed Deposit for one vidyarthi’s Permanent expenses Rs.1,00,000/-
5. Monthly stipend of one Vidyarthi Rs.1000/-
6. One Vidyarthi’s 8 Years ending Rs.96,000/-

Offering Rs. 2000/- for the Anna Dhanam to the vidyarthis on the special occasions like Birthday, Auspicious Day, Marriage Day, Sratham Day by the devotee will be grateful to the trust.

Sincerely yours,
V.R. Sridhara Deekshithar
Trustee, D.G.V.Trust

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