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What is Abilify

Abilify – this is a new drug, which is shown to the application in the following cases:
schizophrenia: acute attacks and supportive therapy;
bipolar disorder type I;

  • – as a complement to therapy with lithium for treatment of manic or mixed episodes in the presence of psychotic symptoms or without them;
  • – as a Supplement to antidepressant therapy with a large depressive disorder.

Buy Abilify, which is produced in the following forms:
Tablets Abilify 10 mg, rectangular tablets with a rounded edges, blue color, marked with «A-007» and also «5» on one side.
Tablets Abilify 10 mg, rectangular tablets with a rounded edges, pink color, marked with «A-008», and also «10» on one side.
Tablets Abilify 15 mg: round tablets yellow, with bevel, marked with «A-009», and also «15» on one side.
Tablets Abilify 20 mg: round tablets white or slightly yellow in color, with bevel, marked with «A-010», and also «20» on one side.

Tablets Abilify 30 mg: round pills pink, with bevel, marked with «A-011», and also «30» on the same side.

Use of the drug Abilify 10 mg during pregnancy:
Abilify may be taken during pregnancy, only if the possible benefits of application exceeds the potential risk to the embryo.

Abilify penetrates into the milk of rats. Data about the penetration of Abilify 10 mg in women’s milk not. Breastfeed when the preparation is not recommended.

Use of the drug Abilify 10 mg in violation of kidney function:
Patients with renal impairment no dose adjustment is required
Before you buy Abilify 15 mg learn about his contraindications.

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Contraindications Abilify15 mg:

  1. increased sensitivity to ARIPIPRAZOL or any other component included in the preparation composition
  2. the age of 18 years.

Buy Abilify and take with caution:

  1. If you have cardiovascular diseases (ischemic heart disease or myocardial infarction, violations conductivity and heart failure);
  2.  If you cerebrovascular diseases and conditions predisposing to hypotension (dehydration, hyphemia and reception of hypotensive drugs), in connection with the possibility of orthostatic hypotension;
  3.  If you are suffering convulsive seizures or diseases for which the possible convulsions;
  4.  If you have an increased risk of hyperthermia, for example in the intensive physical loads, superheating, reception of anticholinergic drugs, for dehydrating (due to the ability of neuroleptics violate thermoregulation);
  5.  If you have an increased risk of aspiration pneumonia (because of the risk of disturbances in motor function of the esophagus and aspiration);
  6.  If you suffer from obesity and if the presence of diabetes in the family.

Abilify Side effects

The frequency of Abilify side effects is given in accordance with the following scale: very rarely – ≤of 0.01%; rarely – ≥of 0.01% and <0.1%; not often – ≥0.1% and <1%; often – ≥1% and <10%; very often – ≥10%.

1. Abilify side effects and cardio-vascular system: very rarely syncope; rarely – vasovagal syndrome, the expansion of the heart, called atrial flutter, thrombophlebitis, intracranial hemorrhage, cerebral ischemia; rarely myocardial infarction, tachycardia, elongation QT interval, heart failure, hemorrhage, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, AV blockade, myocardial ischemia, deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis, arrythmia; often – postural syncope, tachycardia.

2. Abilify side-effects and the digestive system: very rarely – increase the activity of Alt and AST; rarely – inflammation of the tongue, bleeding gums, bloody vomiting, intestinal bleeding, ulcer of the duodenum, hepatitis, pancreatitis, perforation of the bowel; sometimes, increased appetite, gastroenteritis, difficulty swallowing, flatulence, gastritis, caries, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, gastro-esophageal reflux, gastro-intestinal hemorrhage, periodontal abscess, swelling of the tongue, incontinence, colitis, rectal hemorrhage, stomatitis, ulceration of the mouth, cholecystitis,  coproma, candidiasis mucous membranes of the mouth, gall-stone disease, eructation, a stomach ulcer; often, dyspepsia, vomiting, constipation; very often, nausea, loss of appetite.

3. Abilify side-effects and the immune system: very rarely, allergic reactions (anaphylaxis, angioedema, itching and urticaria).

4. Abilify side effects and bone-muscular system: very rarely – increased activity CPK, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, myopathy; sometimes the pain in the joints and bones, myasthenia gravis, muscle weakness, cramps, arthritis, bursitis; often – myalgia, convulsions.

5. Abilify side-effects and the nervous system: rarely, euphoria, delirium, oppression consciousness until loss of consciousness, obsessive thoughts,  reduced reflexes; infrequent – dystonia, the weakening of attention concentration, tremors of the extremities, impotence, reduced or increased libido, panic reaction, apathy, dyskinesia, the weakening of memory, stupor, amnesia, stroke, hyperactivity, depersonalization, dyskinesia, a syndrome of «restless legs», depressed mood, increased reflexes, mental retardation function, increased sensitivity to stimuli, hypotension; often, dizziness, tremor, agitation, depression, nervousness, excessive salivation, hostility, suicidal thoughts, manic thoughts, unsteady gait, confusion, resistance to the implementation of passive movements (syndrome of a gear-wheel); very often, insomnia, drowsiness.

On the other Abilify side affects you can read in the sheet-insert.

Abilify – the preparation of the second generation antipsychotic, minimally affects the weight. As a result of taking Abilify weight gain. Take abilify and weight gain!

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