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— About Me – A brief history —

I was born in Arnold, a suburb of Nottingham, England in 1976.

It’s a fantastic place (honest!) contrary to what that stupid Times article had to say.

I spent my formative years at Richard Bonington Primary School, Arnold. Then upon reaching the ripe old age of 11,
transferred to Redhill Comprehensive School. The teaching at
both schools was of a very high standard and I
wholeheartedly agree with the recent adverts Teacher
Training adverts, ‘You never forget a good teacher.. Thanks,
you know who you are!’

Anyhow, I stayed on at Redhill to do my A-Levels. (French, Economics, Maths & Further Maths)

During this period of my life, my time was divided fairly evenly between home and ‘The Ram’ public house. (Greenall’s
please, please sort out the pumps/pipes etc and hire a
landlord who can keep beer like it is supposed to be kept..)

In October 1994 I commenced an Economics degree at the University of Hull. The three years I spent there are almost
a blur, time seems to pass so quickly when you are having
fun. I graduated in June 1997 with an upper second class,
BSc honours degree.

In August 1997, I joined Ernst & Young’s UK audit practice in Hull. I qualified as an ACA in September 2000 and transferred into EY’s Information Systems auditing department (ISAAS)

— Hobbies & Interests —

Drinking Beer (preferably Guinness or Timothy Taylor’s Landlord)

Computers.. (I guess that’s fairly obvious)

Listening to Music (Pretty much anything)

Roleplaying games (Vampire and the Black Future and Serim Ral PBEMs)

Nottingham Forest (No comments required on our recent seasons performances thankyou!)

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