Common Health Risks to Oral Health

When it comes to oral health, the only problems most people actually know anything about are cavities and cold sores. That is because until a person has actually been diagnosed with an oral health problem, they simply don’t give their mouth much thought. The reality is that there are many oral health issues that a Dental practice in Toronto can help you with during regular dental checkups that are performed once every few months.

Thrush is a condition that most people have ever heard of, much less experienced. Most of the time this particular issue is usually only seen in patients who are either very young or old. When it is diagnosed in a patient who is neither of these two things it can indicate that the person’s immune system has been compromised. If the person is diagnosed with the thrush the dental practitioner will usually prescribe an anti-fungal medication and recommend that the person see their doctor.

It is not unheard of for thrush to be an indicator that a person has either contracted the HIV virus or has developed diabetes. Even if the person does not have either of these conditions the appearance of thrush could still indicate that the person might have a repressed immune system that could use some extra attention. One usually gets thrush when an infection known as Candida, grows out of bounds. Candida can cause thrush to little kids since their immune systems is not as strong as those of adults and it cannot fight the infection. Thrush attacks adults too in cases when their immune system is weakened by some other illness.

There comes a point in nearly everyone’s life when they discover that they have a cold sore. This is a version of the herpes virus that appears on the individual’s face. Not only is the cold sore unsightly it is also very painful. The appearance of a cold sore usually indicates that the person is either dealing with a stressful situation, or they are going through a hormonal flux. Untreated the cold sore can take up to twelve days to disappear and it could take even longer if the person remains stressed. Since cold sores are very contagious, individuals who have one should avoid doing things like kissing. A visit to their dentist means that the person can get a prescription which will help clear up the condition more rapidly.

After a person has passed their fortieth birthday, one of the things that the dental practitioner is going to be looking for are signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is something that can effect anyone, however if the person smokes or chews tobacco there is an increased chance that they will develop oral cancer. Indicators that the dental practitioner is going to be looking for include tiny patches of skin that are discolored. They will also want to know if the person has been experience sores that do not seem to be healing, if they have started to experience unexplainable pain, or if the teeth do not feel like they fit together the way they always have in the past. The sooner the dental practitioner is able to identify the early signs of oral cancer, the greater the chances are that the cancer can be treated before it spreads.

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