Beating The Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Breast cancer can strike you in the middle of your occupied lives without leaving the slightest trace, and prominent symptoms don’t appear until a late stage. In some cases, it is painless, which is the saddest part because it escapes from being detected thus, until too much harm is already caused.

Never think that you can’t get breast cancer, for anyone can get it, no matter your age or genetics, although that may play a part in it. For your own peace of mind it is better to get checked, then not to and then find out that you have breast cancer and that it has spread.

To discover and talk with someone who has successfully fought breast cancer all their lives, and are still surviving it is very heartening – whether it is someone you, yourself, or someone you know – the fight gives tremendous strength in times when making through it seems impossible. This strength will hold you up when people ridicule you, or mock at you for taking the cancer so seriously.

It’s very possible that you may not know not to fend off the disease, and the task might seem depressing superficially. There might be times when no one would understand your exact emotions and some people would take them so lightly that it would offend you. Imagine if everyone did sympathize with you, everyone would cry all the time. Stand tall and ask the doctor for regular reports on the progress of your treatment yourself. Your only body belongs to you, help it get through.

Your will is all it takes to overcome any force, even breast cancer, the survivors live to reaffirm that. You will feel scared sometimes, and that’s not a sign of weakness. Weakness will be if you feel piling up the fear and give up. Giving more stress to your already diseased body in the form of grief, fear, anger or dismay will worsen things for you. It is not a sin to be sad sometimes or to relieve yourself of worrying through angst – this is all a part of the healing process – just don’t let it get touch your core.

Do not think of your disease. Forget that you are ill. It is matters of your life, yes, therefore live every second of it, even if you’re physically ill. Revert all your energies to things you love, to things that make you happy, cultivate your gardening or reading or fashion designing hobby, be with friends you love to be, and those who make you laugh. You will discover your disease not governing you anymore, and your well-wishers will always be there to ensure your cancer gets treated, and you get healed.

Cancer Protection Is All About Making Smart Decisions

When you think of cancer protection, a physician’s office probably comes to mind. But protection is more than just going to the doctor. It involves making the right decisions with aspects of your life to help prevent a life-threatening disease. Even if you think you’re a healthy individual, it could be beneficial to step back and see what needs to be changed in your habits to make you healthier.

There are several ways you can protect yourself from cancer. One way is to maintain a healthy diet. Diets including plenty of fruits and vegetables allow a person to receive the necessary vitamins linked with cancer protection.

It is also important to include healthy fats found in olive, canola and sunflower oils. These are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to keep the heart healthy and prevent other deadly diseases.

Limiting your intake of red meats is very important when it comes to a healthy diet. Instead, you should focus on including more lean proteins, such as chicken and fish. Other ways to improve your diet are to eat hearty whole grains found in certain breads, pastas and rice dishes. Make sure to always avoid fried foods that are high in trans-fats.

Aside from a healthy diet, you can practice cancer prevention by taking certain supplements and vitamins. Vitamin E, selenium and lycopene have been connected with lowering a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer. Fish oils have also been linked with preventing cancer of the prostate. There has even been research suggesting calcium supplements could help a person prevent colorectal cancer.

Going to the doctor is important even if you are trying to lower your risk of cancer. Doctors can perform certain screenings to help protect you from a life-threatening disease. Women are recommended to start having yearly mammograms sometime after age forty. Younger women should have regular clinical breast exams performed by a physician or do breast exams at home to watch for abnormalities.

Men and women should have a colonoscopy, beginning in their fifties, every ten years to watch for colorectal cancers. Men can protect themselves from prostate cancer by using certain chemoprevention drugs. These are man-made drugs or vitamins used specifically to suppress or prevent cancer.

PSA tests or digital rectal exams are other methods available to men who are at high risk for prostate cancer. Discuss all the treatments and screenings available with your doctor to determine what you should do based on your personal and family medical history.

Lifestyle is a major factor in your efforts at cancer protection. Smoking has been linked with several cancers, such as lung, prostate, bladder and breast cancer. It is imperative for smokers to quit this unhealthy habit because it will greatly reduce their risks of developing cancer.

Doctors recommend women watch their alcohol consumption as part of breast and cervical cancer control. Other ways to improve your lifestyle is to work plenty of physical activity into your daily schedule. Whether you join a gym, buy a treadmill or play outside with your children, exercising is an important factor in cancer protection.

Cancer protection could mean small changes or complete overhauls to daily routines, depending on your current lifestyle. Lowering your risk of cancer may include joining a gym or buying vitamins and dietary supplements. It could mean you have to quit smoking or using other tobacco products. Whatever change you make to your current situation will put you closer to living a healthy and cancer-free life.

Breast Disease: Ideas On Prevention

You may have had breast cancer treatment. As a result you may be finding it very difficult to lead a normal sexual life. However what you should know is that you are not alone. What every woman requires and very crucial is a sexual health program after a breast cancer treatment.

If you have undergone breast cancer treatment, it is very crucial you pay constant visits to your gynecologist during the procedure and even after the treatment. This is important because it will help to prevent you from having problem of cervical cancer and atrophy of the vagina.

Large breasts can not cause cancer. Most people claim that women with big size breasts are at risk of having cancer this is not true. Presumptions like this are the handiwork of ignorant people who are in the habit of saying what they think. You should never take these suppositions seriously.

Do you know that the heavier and taller you are the higher the risk of your having breast cancer? However, the risk reduces with the number of children you have. Hence the faster you get pregnant the less your risk of having breast cancer this is because nursing greatly to serves to lower the risk of having breast cancer.

Women tend to be diagnosed with breast cancer these days because they prefer to have fewer children and hardly get pregnant. Little wonder there are rampant diagnosis of breast cancer. Are your shocked?

There are several reasons that could cause breast cancer. So you should not get yourself trapped on some people’s opinion on how breast cancer develops. Getting information from experts and other relevant sources will make you wiser and educate you about the causes and whether you are at risk of having breast cancer or not.

Scientific investigations are still being conducted to ascertain the impact of diet in breast cancer. Scientists have been able to establish that there is strong correlation between high fatty foods and the risk of breast cancer. They found that breast cancer hardly exists when there is low fat diet and this is conversely so.

Perhaps you could be wondering about how fat increases the risk of breast cancer in women. Well, this is how: fat promotes the quantity of estrogen in the blood. When this happens estrogen invigorates the breast cells. This then renders the breast prone to the occurrence of breast cancer.

Foods that are rich in fiber can bring down breast cancer risk. They can help you achieve this by slowing down the amount of estrogen in your blood. More so, vegetable diets are very rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and other vitamins which help prevent breast cells from being destroyed.

Do you know that by making sure the liver functions properly you have a good chance to reduce the risk of having breast cancer? The liver is the main organ in the body that helps in burning up fats. Hence, you should take foods rich in essential fatty acids, because they are crucial to the function of the liver. Example of this kind of good fat is omega 3 and B. this however the kind of fat recommended not those gotten from processed foods.

Your health decisions should be made in conjunction with your personal doctor. Be sure to speak with him or her regarding your personal medical issues.

Natural Alternative To Hormone Replacement Thereapy (HRT)

Most women experience the onset of the menopause at an average age of about 50, but it can start anytime from the early forties to the late fifties. Symptoms can vary: some women sail through but others suffer the miseries of hot flushes, night sweats, irritability, depression, lack of energy and loss of libido.Orthodox medical practitioners invariably prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and often anti-depressants and tranquillisers, which can become addictive. However, there is a natural alternative.

HRT is prescribed to counter balance the reduced production by your body of oestrogen which can lead to increased risk of osteoporosis and weakened bones leading to fractures. However, two large clinical trials have shown that HRT does not, in fact, significantly reduce the incidence of bone fractures, and there is an increased risk of heart disease, gallstones, and breast and endometrial cancer.Rather than a shortage of hormones, it is said that most menopausal symptoms are more to do with an imbalance. By eating a healthy diet, taking regular exercise and natural supplements, you can boost the health of your bones, and balance sugar levels and your hormones.

It is well known that people in some parts of the world (for example Japan and the Mediterranean countries) rarely suffer from heart disease due to their different national diets. It is less well known that women in the Andes region of Peru do not suffer menopausal symptoms. Peruvian women take Maca, a tuberous plant related to the potato. As well as the beneficial effect on menopausal symptoms, Maca boosts energy and libido. Maca is also known as “Peruvian Ginseng” and “Peruvian Viagra”.

Centuries ago, the Incas inhabited this area and, in order to boost their energy, their warriors used to take Maca before going into battle. When the Spanish conquered the area they found that their horses suffered from the high altitude. The locals advised them to feed Maca to the horses and the animals immediately experienced an increase in energy levels. The Spanish found that what was good for their horses would also benefit humans, so payment for the taxes levied on the locals was taken in Maca.

There are three phases of menopause: the peri-menopause or the year or so prior to the onset of the menopause when the your body misses the occasional menstrual period. During this time a low dose of 1500mg is recommended to counteract the slow down in the production by your body of hormones. During the actual menopause, increase the dose to around 4000mg each day for a period of 2-3 months, and then reduce the dose to 2000mg. In the post menopause phase, reduce your daily intake of Maca to 1500mg. The risk of osteoporosis is apparent from the onset of the menopause and thereafter. In addition to your daily intake of maca, you are advised to also take a daily dose of Forever Freedom, a natural health drink that contains aloe vera with added Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and vitamin C. This will ease stiffness and pain in the joints and promote mobility and good bone health.

A Rare Form of Cancer: Asbestos and You

Mesothelioma may result from extensive exposure to asbestos over a long period of time. Studies have proven time and again that exposure, inhalation or ingestion of asbestos fiber is the only known cause of this rare form of cancer. And even though, mesothelioma may be considered rare, as many as 2,000 US citizens are diagnosed with it annually. It is a difficult disease to identify because the symptoms of this cancer may only appear after 30 to 50 years, and the symptoms that do appear are often common to other, everyday diseases. If the cancer has reached the advanced stages before being diagnosed, the prognosis is likely to be a bad one. A mesothelioma law firm will confirm that settlements surrounding the disease can vary greatly, as negligence must be proven on the part of the defendant.

Any form of cancer can be separated into two categories: benign or malignant. Benign refers to cancer which is not dangerous to the patient’s health. A malignant tumor, on the other hand, is one that is dangerous to a patient’s health. Unfortunately, the benign form of this particular kind is found very rarely. If you hear tell of this form, it is most likely of the malignant sort.

The cancer develops from the protective lining surrounding a number of the body’s organs, also known as the mesothelium. Often times, a person who has developed this type of cancer worked on a job site on which they were exposed to asbestos and glass particles.

Within this particular cancer, there are three types of cancerous cells that may be found: epithelioid, sarcomatoid and mixed/biphasic (a mixture of epithelioid and sarcomatoid). In addition, there are three common types of this cancer which affect different parts of each patient’s body.

The most common type is called pleural; of all diagnosed cases, 75 percent are this form. The pleural form develops within the lining of the lungs (pleura), and from there spreads to other areas of the body. Often, symptoms will include fatigue, dry cough, weight loss, shortness of breath or chest pain.

The peritoneal form of this cancer appears first in the abdominal cavities. Symptoms of this type are similar to that of the pleural sort, including swelling in the stomach or stomach pain, weight loss, vomiting, fatigue and bowel obstruction.

Finally, there is the pericardial type which begins in the membrane which encompasses the heart. Chest pain, heart palpitations or shortness of breath are possible indications of this form of the cancer.

It is important for those who believe themselves to be suffering from cancer to undergo the proper medical tests for example, x-rays, biopsy, MRI, CT scan. If a patient is found to have a malignant tumor, only a doctor can determine the size and reach of that tumor. Although, no cure has yet been found for cancer, there are many treatments available for the disease. Patients may undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery or other therapeutic measures. If you feel you may be experiencing symptoms of something greater than a common illness, do not put off seeking treatment because early diagnosis of the disease may greatly improve the prognosis.

Quit Smoking To Prevent Lung Cancer And COPD

It is no new concept but smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer and COPD in the America. Historically, smoking was never thought that it would actually cause these serious health conditions, but through years of scientific and medical research it is now agreed among the medical community that they do in fact cause these health issues. The best way to prevent these is to actually not start smoking form the start. However, for millions of individuals these preventative feature is not an option thus they have to turn to managing and treating the actual condition. What makes COPD and lung cancer especially difficult because it can truly debilitate your life. The most simple of all activities suddenly becomes very difficult and you can be preventing from really enjoying your life and taking part in your favorite activities. Some of the most popular treatments that are prescribed by physicians is through the use of a nebulizer.

Physicians are now recommending very effective treatments for these respiratory conditions as a result of years of smoking through the use of a nebulizer. Essentially what happens is that the doctor first assesses the exact need of the individual who is suffering from the health condition. Then they will be able to recommend the specific medication that will best provide the relief and help manage their day to day lives. The individual will then take the medication and place it inside the nebulizer at which point it will be transformed to vapor form which is then breathed in through the body of the person. The ability to breathe it in is key because it will be absorbed by the body in a far faster manner and thus it will begin to alleviate the symptoms and problems much more quickly than if it were to be ingested in the traditional manner. Today, one if five deaths is actually directly caused smoking in the U.S. However, there is a recent trend that due to the actual education of the general public the usage among the general population has actually decreased. In prior years, smoking was something that was highly promoted in the media and it was really given the feeling that it was completely safe to do. However, now there is much information and media that actually talk of the dangers of this habit that directly causes so many respiratory conditions including cancer, COPD, and asthma.

Get Rid Of The Offensive Odor Emanating From The Mouth

Halitosis is the offensive odor emanating from the mouth. It’s often an embarrassing condition. Bad breath may be a warning sign of other well being problems. Majority of the people suffers from mild halitosis at occasions, but when the problem becomes permanent, a physician needs to become consulted. Halitosis might result from intra oral or additional oral reasons.

Intraoral causes for bad breath consist of; poor oral hygiene, dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, food stagnation within the interdental space, consuming foods like raw onion and garlic, xerostomia or dry mouth, tonsillitis, systemic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, kidney disorders, and so on.

Extra oral sources of halitosis are bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, gastritis, etc.

Testing for halitosis can be carried out at house. Exhaling after covering the mouth and nose with hand gives a bad smell when you have halitosis. Many individuals might have bad breath only within the morning. It’s because of the reduced salivary flow during sleep and goes off after brushing teeth. Long term smoking may also cause halitosis.

Regular verify ups with a dentist is required to find out the precise cause of bad breath. If you have persistent halitosis, maintain a list of food you consume and medicines you consume. Inform your dentist concerning recent surgeries that you underwent. If the cause of halitosis isn’t intraoral, the dentist refers the patient to a general physician for further tests.

Therapy of halitosis is planned following the proper diagnosis with the trigger. Maintaining good oral hygiene, eliminating dental diseases and regular cleaning of teeth are necessary for eliminating mouth odor. Brushing the teeth twice a day and cleaning mouth after every meal assists to reduce bad breath. Dental hygienist recommends utilizing a brush to clean the tongue as there might be numerous bacteria present between the papillae of the tongue. Mouth rinses give additional protection against microorganisms. Dental flosses can be utilized to clean the interdental spaces. Quit tobacco chewing and smoking. Ask your GP for some tricks to kick out this habit.

alitosis, a breath that is stinky and is not tolerable, can trigger lots of annoyance and bad reactions from the people about you. It’s also a well being problem. This can trigger plenty of harm to your social life that makes people go far from you and the worst factor is the fact that sometimes you don’t even know that you have bad breath. Here are a few of the things you should know about halitosis or bad breath:

* You’ll have a very foul smell breath and that can offend those that are close to you.With halitosis individuals will most likely turn away from you and might not want to come close to you. Only couple of people or friends will probably be in a position to tell you the truth right on your face that you have bad breath or halitosis. Because individuals or individuals close to you might be scared to offend you if they tell you that you have a halitosis. They might think you would hate them for being extremely direct. But you will find also people which are extremely gutsy in telling you that you have halitosis simply because they also want you to understand that it’s the truth and maybe you can look after such bad breath. Most people are not most likely to tell you something, becoming afraid they’ll hurt your emotions, and they’ll just turn away, which could be very painful and disgracing for you personally.

* Halitosis, or bad breath, is caused by a number of different issues. It might be because of the food you’ve eated, or some other medical problem left undiagnosed. Probably the most likely case, however, is poor oral hygiene. In the event you don’t brush frequently or at all you’re most likely to expertise issues with halitosis. If you do brush your teeth, it is most likely the food you’ve eaten and you can treat your condition with mints and other candy

* There’s the opportunity however, that bad breath is merely the symptom of something more serious and endangering. You need to verify just in case, simply because any condition is treated easier if detected earlier.

* You will find some foods that make foul smell more most likely. Foods and dishes that include garlic or onions, regardless of how tasty they are, are going to trigger your breath to smell very bad and intolerable. The factor with onions and garlic is the fact that they are foods that contain lots of sulfur and sulfuric substances, which make your breath smell. Remember to brush and gargle if you eat such foods at home, before you go out, in order to stop an embarrassing scenario

Halitosis or bad breath can make your day go extremely, very bad. In the event you believe that it is not because of any food intake that causes you halitosis, or you keep normal oral hygiene, then much better visit a doctor for additional examination to be able to quit halitosis or bad breath.

Liver Disease Diet – The Big Question: Is There A Fatty Liver Treatment?

When i learned about my fatty liver disease, or hepatic steatosis, I assumed that no treatment could improve my condition. Fatty liver disease results from excessive fat (triglycerides) accumulation in the liver. If left untreated, this can result in liver cancer, cirrhosis, and worst, liver failure. The question was therefore, “Is there truly a fatty liver treatment?”

I made an effort searching and reading about possible fatty liver treatment, but some state that there really is no fatty liver treatment or any liver disease treatment. I asked my nurse for useful information and she recommended me to read “Eliminating Hepatic Fat: The Fatty Liver Diet Guide and Factbook,” an e-book written by Dorothy Spencer, who is likewise a nurse. Nurse Spencer has been with liver disease patients for years and she has gathered enough information on fatty liver treatment.

After I read the book, I was able to know much more concerning the liver’s various functions such as bile production, of which aids emulsify fat and breaks down big fat globules to smaller ones that are broken down by enzymes. I also learned more about fatty liver disease, the 2 kinds of liver disease, and the causes associated with fatty liver disease.

As well, Nurse Spencer further gave two main tips on fatty liver treatment – exercise and diet. I found that a healthy and active lifestyle could do a lot in fatty liver treatment. Thus, I made the decision to have a regular exercise session every day.

The book also had several tips on the proper diet for fatty liver treatment. I managed to learn much more about the necessary vitamins and minerals in reversing fatty liver, which gave me a thought on what to and what not to eat. An entire chapter is completely about food intake every day and weekly when trying out a fatty liver treatment. Nurse Spencer provided a good deal of helpful tips such as how you can limit the daily total fat intake. The recipes she recommended had been also very easy to do and made me follow my weekly menu quite easily.

After several months, I needed to return to the hospital for another set of tests and was astonished to find out that there had been improvements in my conditions. I have just been feeling better from the time I faithfully adopted my natural fatty liver treatment – merely a combination of regular exercise and diet.