Prevent Cancer by Avoiding Endocrine Disruptors

Are you familiar with the endocrine system and the important role it plays in your overall health? If you’re like most Americans, you likely don’t. In a nutshell, the endocrine system is responsible for development and reproduction. When this becomes disrupted by certain chemicals found in everyday foods and products, it can result to adverse neurological and immune system effects. Once this happens, an assortment of ailments arise. This is the time when many Phoenix residents consult with a doctor of naturopathic medicine. Integrative medicine in Arizona naturopathic centers can be very helpful in reversing the effects of endocrine disruptors. In some cases, services like chelation therapy are performed on vulnerable patients.

How Does Endocrine Disruption Occur?

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health. It’s important to know that there are certain chemicals found in plastics, cosmetics and foods that mimic your body’s natural hormones, such as estrogen, androgen and others produced by your thyroid glands.

When your endocrine becomes disrupted by these chemicals, it causes your hormonal signals to become blocked. It may even cause an interference with how your hormones or receptors are controlled or created.

Phoenix doctors that practice naturopathic medicine help patients learn how to maintain a healthy endocrine system.

How the Endocrine System Works

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, your endocrine system is a very complex system made up of hormones and glands, which are responsible for regulating how your body functions, grows, matures and develops. It is also responsible for the operations of other organs in your body.

Your endocrine glands are made up of your adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, ovaries, thymus, testes and pancreas. All of these glands are responsible for emitting a specific amount of hormones as needed by your body. These hormones are released into your bloodstream, acting like little messengers, flowing throughout your body and controlling a variety of your life’s functions.

Any alterations in this complex system can be dangerous to your health. Unfortunately, many of us are exposed to these toxins throughout the day, every day.

Link Between Endocrine Disruptors and Cancer

A report was released back in 2013 by the World Health Organization and United Nations Environment Program. It is a very in depth report that shows a correlation between endocrine-disrupting chemicals and various ailments, including prostate cancer, ADHD and thyroid cancer.

If you’re worried that your lifestyle and diet could be exposing you to harmful endocrine disruptors, it’s time to consult with a naturopathic medicine doctor in Phoenix.

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