Love Hurts When You Have STD

Contracting STDs could be a most dreadful condition for anyone, but most especially for women who could be expecting a child at that time this happens. STD can bring about cancer of the uterus and of the cervix, or can be passed on to the baby during or after giving birth. But if having one kind of STD is bad enough, still a person can be inflicted with more than one kind of STD at the same time.

Chlamydia infection is one of the more popular STDs. Bacteria causes the disease and does not readily produce symptoms. The person can have unusual discharges in the vagina or penis and urinating could become an extremely uncomfortable undertaking due to the burning sensation and pain.

Genital herpes, on the other hand is viral in origin. Sores develop and cover the entire genital organs. The mother can transmit the disease to the baby. Treatment will cure the sores and lessen the festering of the wounds but it does nothing for the infection.

Furthermore, most of the times B hepatitis is the most frequently associated with sexual contact. The most common symptoms are yellow pigment covering large areas of the skin and the eyes as well. The patient can develop fever, different pains, and fatigue. To continue with, if it is not treated on time, they can complicate, leading to cirrhosis or hepatic cancer. Unfortunately, there is no traditional treatment, but there are anti hepatitis vaccines, which can prevent the disease.

Gonorrhea is another frequent STD, signaled by vagina and penis secretions, and pain while urinating. This disease is dangerous because it can lead to infertility. Nevertheless, it can be treated.

Ironically, syphilis does not give out signs of infection in its early stage. At first, there might appear skin blisters around the genital area that may seem insignificant. It can even get healed without any medication. However, eventually, the skin ulcers will reappear this time with headaches and joint pains. If not treated promptly, it can lead to loss of mental function.

Another STD is represented by genital warts, which can be triggered by a virus. There can emerge painless prominences in the genital and anal area, whose shape can be associated with a tiny cauliflower. Fortunately they can be treated in more manners.

Another kind of STD can be caused by lice, a kind of small insect that one could have caught from infested clothes or linens and lives in the pubic hair. Aside from grave discomfort and sometimes discomfiture caused by the itch, the disease can be treated without much problem.

In addition, scab is a skin infection caused by a parasite. It can spread rapidly, through sexual contact, skin contact, bed linen, towels, or furniture, which has been infested. It can be as well treated.

Albeit most of the diseases discussed above can be treated, prompt medical examination should be undertaken as soon as you notice something unusual in your system and believe that you have contracted a STD, to prevent spreading it to others. Understanding the consequences of liberalized sex through sex education can be a deterrent for contracting and spreading STDS.

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