Herbs of Gold Products- the Best Nutritional Supplements

It has been over 25 yearssince herbs of gold has been improving and expanding its range of products which include nutritional and herbal products. Herbs of Gold is known for its reliability and integrity. One of the most popular products of Herbs of Gold is Acetyl L-Carnitine.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a source of amino acid which helps in mood management, relieves fatigue and helps to improve memory and brain function. Adults need to take two capsules everyday once or twice with food. It plays an important role in the metabolism of fatty acid for energy. It sends fatty acids into the mitochondria for producing energy.

Best Supplements for Men’s Health

There are many supplements that it is very difficult to find the right one whether it is for brain boosting or for muscle building. There are six nutrients that the body requires on daily basis and it is best to get them from natural supplements.

Choline is one that supports the functioning of the brain and repairs the DNA. Deficiency of this nutrient can lead to liver damage and liver cancer. Choline also helps to prevent pancreatic cancer. BCAA is another nutrient which is found in eggs. Magnesium is food for the brain. It prevents muscle cramping, headaches and improves the mood of the person.

The best source of magnesium is sesame seeds, raw cashews, black beans and almonds. Vitamin K is a nutrient that keeps heart healthy and 113micrograms is the quantity that you have to get every day. Vitamin B12 is necessary to keep neurotransmitters functioning smoothly. Meat and seafood are the best sources of B12. Vitamin D also known as sunshine vitamin lowers risk of heart diseases. Zinc is an antioxidant that is very important for healing wounds and beating sneaky viruses.

What is Nature’s Sunshine Vitamin?

Nature’s sunshine vitamin contains a blend of antioxidant vegetables, fruits and herbs besides there is a trace of minerals, amino acids, polyphenols and antioxidants. We require certain amount of vitamins and nutrient on daily basis and if we cannot get them from the food we take we have to take supplements.

Nature’s Sunshine is the leader in the world for herbs and health supplements and they have been providing supplements for the last 30 years. They provide quality so they have extensive testing procedures and have around 600 products.

Choose the Best of Nutra Life Products to supplement nutrients

Nutralife has 120 products which are innovative high quality, vitamins, garlic, minerals and herbal supplements. One of the products they offer is for joint care which is made up of Glucosamine and Chondroitin which helps to ease pain in the joint.

Another product of theirs is Grape Seed which is an antioxidant supplement of high strength. It provides 100% grape seed extract to protect cells from damage due to free radical molecules which are unstable. Grape Seeds are actually sourced from the wine region and treated to 100% Aquapure extraction with water so it is free from alcohol, chemicals and  solvents. Grape seed is a very rich source of antioxidant compound.

If you are looking for nutrient supplement get nutra life products which are of high quality.

Foods For Optimum Health

One of the important things we need to do to ensure a good balance in our lives is to be aware of what we eat.

There are certain foods that contain high amounts of beneficial substances – antioxidant vitamins and minerals and beta-carotene that can help eliminate toxins, boost the immune system and help protect against cancer.

Apples & Pears – yes, the good old apple. These are full of vitamins and minerals and are great for cleansing, good for the skin and the immune system. Pears are high in iodine which can help thyroid function. Apples are good for reducing cholesterol and inflammation.

Bananas – has got to be one of the best all round foods. A great snack to boost your energy and easily digested. A good source of protein and fibre, high in potassium, a natural antibiotic and mildly sedative so good for helping you sleep and with PMS.

Beans & Lentils – a good source of protein for veggies and non-veggies alike. They provide a steady source of energy and contain plant oestrogens which can help stabilize PMS and are even used as an alternative to HRT. They are high in minerals and good for cleansing, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Red(dish) things – Berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries etc.. – high in antioxidants so good for the immune system. Beetroot: cleanses and boosts the immune system, high in antioxidants. Carrots: great for cleansing, high in Vitamin A, good for the skin, best eaten raw. Peppers: high in vitamin C and other antioxidant vitamins, good source of zinc, good for the immune system, magnesium – good for energy. Tomatoes: high in water so good for hydration, lower heart disease, high in antioxidants good for the immune system, lycopene found in cooked tomatoes is good for cancer prevention.

Green stuff – Broccoli: high in vitamins (esp. B and folic acid), minerals and antioxidants, good for cleansing the liver and contains substances that help fight cancer. Cabbage: good for the digestive system, rich in minerals esp. potassium and phosphorus. Spinach: a powerful cleanser, good for the immune system, high in calcium – good for bones, teeth and gums, iron – good for the blood, potassium – regulates high blood pressure.

Garlic – good for infections such as colds, antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic. Reduces cholesterol and is great for boosting the immune system, cleansing the liver and improving the circulation.

Nuts & Seeds – although nuts can be high in calories, they’re also high in protein and antioxidant vitamin E, zinc and selenium. Good for an energy snack – best raw not roasted. Seeds – rich in Omega-3 and 6 and a variety of vitamins and minerals, good for the skin, heart disease, cleansing and the immune system.

Oats – highly nutritious, easily digested and a good source of slow-release energy. Try porridge for breakfast with berry fruits. Good for bones and teeth with high levels of calcium and phosphorus. Good for the nervous system and have a relaxing effect, also help to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol.

Oily Fish – such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines. High in Omega-3 fatty acids. Good for memory and general brain function, heart disease and inflammatory skin conditions as improving dry skin. High in selenium which detoxifies and protects against cancer.

Soya – like other beans a good source of protein. Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol and good for fighting cancer. Contains plant oestrogens good for hormone related problems in women such as PMS and the menopause. Tofu is high in calcium and iron good for bone health and the circulation.

Yams & Sweet potatoes – good for slow energy release. Contain plant oestrogens so good for those hormone related problems again. High in antioxidant vitamins and minerals good for eliminating heavy metals. Protect against heart disease, cancer and good for the circulation. High in vitamin E which is good for the skin. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium good for bones, teeth and gums.

Yoghurt – buy only the live, natural version, not the ones full of sugar! Good source of protein and calcium. Easily digested and good for the digestive system, boosts the levels of friendly bacteria especially after antibiotics. Protects the immune system and good for urinary and yeast infection.

Buy fresh, local organic food whenever possible. Organic fruit and vegetables have a higher level of minerals and no residual insecticides or pesticides. I’m off for a healthy breakfast of muesli or possibly porridge and a topping of all the above – well, maybe just the berries!

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Diseases Of The Abdomen And Ultrasonography

Some diseases of the abdomen may also remain undetected for a long time. This is particularly true of gallbladder diseases – gallstones (cholelithiasis), inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis), or even cancer of the gallbladder. Either gallstones or an inflamed gallbladder may lead to cancer of the gallbladder. Therefore, it is necessary to detect early cases of gallstones and inflamed gallbladder, so that once diagnosed, it can be removed surgically, and cancer of the gallbladder can be prevented.

It is a common finding that diseases of the gallbladder remain silent in the abdomen. Hence, all cases in whom the slightest clinical suspicion of gallbladder pathology exists must be subjected to ultrasonography, so that the disease can be detected at the earliest.

Ultrasonography has a significant role to play in the detection of subclinical diseases of the abdomen. This test is of vital value and has no radiation hazards. Before the availability of this test, it was at times impossible to detect diseases of the abdomen, and the last resort was to surgically open up the abdomen (laparotomy), so that the surgeon could see the suspected part and diagnose and treat the case. Sometimes, the diagnosis turned out to be quite different from what the surgeon thought it to be before he opened up the abdomen. Some doctors, therefore, used to call the abdomen a magic box. Thanks to ultrasonography, there is no such difficulty now.

An ultrasonographic examination, however, must be carried out by an experienced ultrasonologist, as this test is , operator-dependent’, i.e., the operator / ultrasonologist, before giving his/her opinion, has to examine a particular organ from different angles, regarding the pathology of the concerned organ. A single casual view of an organ taken/recorded on an ultrasound film may not serve the purpose, and may even prove to be misleading altogether.

It is advisable that all persons, especially above the age of 40, undergo an ultrasonographic examination of the abdomen, so that various hidden diseases can be detected in time. The test must be carried out in all symptomless persons, irrespective of age. It should not be ignored or delayed if the patient has some symptoms relating to any of the organs of the abdomen. It is indeed an important test for detecting diseases of the abdomen. The author participated in an ‘Ultrasound Update’ in 1991, so as to have an inside view of this vital investigation.

Besides gallbladder diseases, some liver disorders may also remain undiagnosed for long, especially cirrhosis of the liver, which may remain undetected, particularly in a chronic alcoholic. If this liver disease is not diagnosed in time, its treatment may not be possible. Similarly, early viral/serum hepatitis may remain undetected, since early jaundice/pallor of the eyes may not be noticed by the patient. If timely action is not taken, the patient is likely to be miserable at a young age. Besides an ultrasonographic examination of the liver, blood tests like serum bilirubin, serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT), serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase (SGPT), alkaline phosphatase, etc. are also useful in the diagnosis of various liver disorders.

It is remarkable that ultrasonography helps in discovering very early pleurisy.

Tests like upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscoy are useful in diagnosing early lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. Again, trained medical personnel are required for carrying out endoscopy, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. As in the case of ultrasonography, these tests too are entirely dependent on the skill of the operator. The suspected areal s of the gastrointestinal tract are visualized by the operator with the help of endoscope, colonoscope or sigmoidoscope, and he finally forms his opinion regar9-ing the exact pathology inflicting the specific site. It may be cautioned that an inaccurate diagnosis may have serious consequences, and hence the vital need for a specialist approach. Besides the above tests, computed tomographic (CT) scanning, etc. also helps in diagnosing various lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Ancient way of Healing Genital Warts

Venereal warts are growths that appear on the genital area. The growths, which typically are soft, moist and flesh-colored, can come out one or in clusters (often resembling cauliflower) and may be raised or flat, small or large. Venereal warts are small, benign (harmless) growths caused by a viral transmission i.e. A female with genital warts however is at an increased risk for developing cervical cancer. Genital warts are spread by close skin-to-skin contact. Sex, particularly penetrative anal and vaginal sex, is the fundamental way that warts are passed on.

Genital warts are warts that are situated near or in the genital areas. In a female, that means on or near the vulva (the outside genital area), vagina, cervix, or anus. Genital warts seem similar to warts that might produce on any other part of the body, but they appear on – you guessed it – the genitals. They can be flat or raised, and they vary in size. Genital warts are increasingly common and impact as many as one-third of young women in Canada. These warts, spread by sexual contact, are often flat, tiny and difficult to spot and diagnose.

Genital warts are commonly first seen 1 to 6 months after you have been infected. However, it is possible to be infected with the virus without having any visible warts. Genital warts are spread by skin-to-skin contact, usually during vaginal, anal, or oral sex play. There is a opportunity genital warts can be spread even when no warts are visible. Genital warts can be treated by chemical freezing or burning, or by laser therapy. Actual treatment can be prescribed to reduce the size and number of warts.

Genital warts are hyperplastic, sometimes pedunculated lesions of the skin or mucose tissue layers of the genitals caused by human papillomaviruses (HPVs). Some HPV types get flat endocervical or anal lesions that are precancerous. Genital warts are spread by sexual contact with an infectious partner and are very contagious. Approximately two-thirds of all persons who have sexual contact with an infectious partner will develop this sexually carried disease (STD). Genital warts are bumps of various sizes on the skin of the genitals. They result from transmission with some types of human papillomavirus, or HPV (a common sexually transmitted virus).

Condoms are the only kind of contraception that offer some protection against transmitted Genital Warts, but even then, the protection is incomplete. Condom use is also essential. Condoms, used correctly from start to finish each time you have sex, provide some protection if they cover the area of the genital warts. However HPV may be present in areas of skin not covered by condoms.

With Pacific Naturals’s Wartrol Homeopathic Genital Wart Relief, you’ll be able get relief from the symptoms.


Digestive Health Using A Prebiotic Diet

Balance is imperative to good health and the way to achieve digestive health is through the introduction of microflora or probiotics to our systems. Prebiotics will increase the probiotics in your intestines and increase your ability to absorb calcium and other important minerals. This new field of nutritional research boasts promising results for the heart and the immune systems. This link between our health and our diet is a new awareness to promote well-being.

Prebiotics are a type of fiber which can help the body fight intestinal and colon problems. They are usually carbohydrates and are most commonly soluable fiber. These fibers are found in fruit, legumes and whole grains as well as yogurt. Bifidobacteria and lactic acid are increased and made more active. They improve digestion, increase absorption and boost the immune system.

Prebiotics can be taken as a supplement and also are added into some processed foods. Yogurts contain them. Supplements can be added to drinks, to foods or taken in a capsule or pill form.

Certain vegetables contain prebiotic fiber like bananas, chicory root, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks and onions. If you suffer from blood sugar imbalances it will help to produce acids to balance the sugars. Stomach aches, ulcerative colitis and thrush have all been shown to be improved on this type of diet.

Cholesterol and triglycerides levels have been lowered with the use of prebiotics. Inulin has reduced arteriosclerosis by 30%. Foods high in fiber are a particularly good source which include oatmeal, berries, and legumes. White blood cells are boosted and T cells. Osteoporosis and diabetes have been treated with prebiotics. Keep your body healthy, feed it the right things and you can maintain a balanced system.

You may see an increase in your bowel movements as your body cleanses itself and becomes used to the new levels of bacteria residing in your gut. The colon’s environment will become slightly acidic from the short chain fatty acids (SFCA’s) that are products by the prebiotics as it reduces the hydrogen sulfide gas, they will be beneficial to the walls of the colon helping eliminate the effects of ulcerative colitis.

Treatment of disease is controversial but initial studies have shown that prebiotics can improve antibiotic-related diarrhea, gastroenteritis and improve bowel functions. Mineral absorption is increased and the immune system is enhanced. Intestinal irregularity, ulcerative colitis and colorectal cancer have all shown improvement. Colon cancer in it’s early stage has been shown to have been either prevented and even stopped from the effect of SFCA’s.

Balancing your body with good bacteria, feeding your digestive system with the foods that help it help you is the path to staying healthy and feeling your best. Stress, drugs such as anti-biotics and a diet filled with processed foods and sugars as well as unhealthy lifestyles are all contributors to reducing the good bacteria in our guts. Eat the right foods and maintain a healthy balance.

I Have Been Really Impressed With The Prostate Cancer Study I Looked Into Once My Friend Got Sick

As a man in my mid-forties, I had foolishly never given much consideration to my prostate health, but when one of my best friends was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I decided to enter a prostate cancer study. Luckily, my friend survived his experience, but the very nature of his illness made it important that I be aware of what could potentially happen to me. I also started trying to study about different organizations like the prostate cancer research institute, which was the organization that was running the aforementioned study.

I felt that the best option for me would be to learn as much as possible about the disease as a way to protect myself, and I discovered that the prostate cancer research institute was a great source of information. I felt greatly educated about the disease as I researched, learning about how the disease can get started, what the risk factors where, and everything else a man going into his fifties should know.

I also did a lot of research about this prostate cancer study that I was going to be participating in, and it seemed like a fantastic way to find new treatments for this disease. I learned so much about how advanced medical science and technology was getting, and how now doctors are able to detect cancer cells in individuals, and they are even working on a way to prevent cancer before it even starts. This made me very hopeful, as I am sure it would most men who are at risk for this disease, since prevention is always preferable to treatment.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that there are professionals who are concerned about this disease and are aggressively working to find a cure as well as preventative measures in order to save lives. Prostate cancer and research institutes need to go hand in hand as a means to prevent this terrible disease, and protect the people we love from being taken away from us by this disease.

For all of you men out there who are getting along in years and are coming up on the age when you could be at a great risk of developing prostate problems, you ought to take a little while to study about this new information, so that you can know what your options are and how you can protect yourself. For younger people, I suggest that if they want to explore medicine or biological sciences, that they spend some time looking at organizations like this one, so they can do some good in the world.

On Massage Benefits

From the daily area of our existence we actually experience with a variety of distress, from different kinds and situations. Tiredness from all the duty which you have been doing for a long day as well as the interactions you face with different types of individuals will really put in more distress.Many of us understands how to handle it however you will find others which are having difficulty. However, there might be times too that we simply take it for granted without even knowing how stress affects the whole of us, especially our overall health. Each of our body systems for those we know, is slowly disturbed by these stresses causing or aggravating then a number of the chronic serious diseases that we least expect.

Robotic shiatsu massage chair is specifically constructed with an embedded electronic engines and gadgets that are uniquely patterned in a way that it’ll provide a massage that relieves a human that sits into it. Many of these robotic massage chairs allows the user to fully handle and choose the type of massage that she or he would rather have, in which part of the body like the forcefulness of the massage itself.This a very awesome experience for most and unbelievable for other people. Large manufacturers like Sanyo, Panasonic, omega and many more are developing their own massaging chair. This will differ in several types including style, batteries and other features. However, its main objective continues to be same. In order to provide you with the right convenience towards the client.

Plus, it’s really a support getting rid of all of the aches from healing accidents or from sports injuries. Moreover, to understand deeply more of the actual way it offers a good healing, it could really assists us in alleviating the necessity to eliminate sickness of high blood pressure levels, muscle spasms, cramps and atrophy and in some situations, the increasing up of cancer agents which is produce by our body.

For any wider understanding, pressing, rubbing and controlling the muscles and several soft tissues inside a man’s body are operations which are completed by massage persons.Ordinarily, they make utilization of their hands, elbows, forearms at times their feet to carry out a proper number of body massage.The concept of a massage covers various methods and ways in order to serve us its purpose well. A few examples on this therapy include acupressure, shiatsu, Thai, deep tissue and Swedish massage which vary in certain ways. Moreover, the usage of some equipments also aid in this relaxing procedure and new trends now encompass massage chairs in addition to the need to use oils and rocks.There are numerous available massage chairs to pick in the market today such as robotic massage chairs as well as the Panasonic massage chairs. These two are of fine benefit especially in neck and back pains. These are generally truly distress killers.

The supreme healing of therapeutic massage is utilized for decades. Besides it, this really is just about the most easily available and simply performed processes to reduce stress and keep us relaxed. However, upon carrying this out practice, it must be taken careful consideration with there being cases when a massage is highly contraindicated.Using the right information as well as the capability there’s no problem on handling anyone to get a massaging session.The treatment of massage has been among the best healing techniques widely use to free one from all stress in everyday living.

Is a Virtual Colonoscopy Right for You?

When a person eats, they usually do not place much emphasis on what happens to the food after they swallow it. Most people know, however, that once the food is swallowed, it is broken down in the stomach and then digested by the large and small intestine. The small intestine, also known as the colon, is an area that people need to pay particular attention to as they get older.

One way that the colon can be checked for irregularities, such as cancerous polyps, is through a procedure that is known as a virtual colonoscopy. Upon hearing that phrase, many people end up thinking about the cousin to this procedure, the original colonoscopy, with a shudder.

This is because the original colonoscopy involves a procedure that is very invasive, so invasive that some people have tried to avoid having their colon checked. The original procedure involves a patient being mildly sedated and a long tube (attached to a camera) being placed up the colon via the rectum. Needless to say, this could lead to internal bleeding, especially in cases involving delicate elderly people.

A virtual colonoscopy, however, is a minimally invasive procedure. The only thing that is similar between the two procedures is how the patient will need to prepare. In order to obtain the best possible results, the colon must be completely cleansed. This means that the patient must only eat certain foods in the days leading up to the procedure. Additionally, the night before the procedure the patient will have to drink a special drink that is formulated to clear out any other food particles that might be left over.

So, how do the certain foods that a person eats affect the overall health of the colon? Ideally, it is very important for a person to have a considerable amount of fiber in their diet so that all the food, once properly digested, is safely eliminated from the body. However, people who have a tendency to eat a lot of meat or unprocessed foods (like white bread and starches) keep that food in their colon for a lot longer than is healthy.

The virtual colonoscopy is an outpatient procedure, which means that no hospital stay is required. The patient is usually able to wear his or her own clothing during the procedure, provided that it is free of any metal. Metal throws off the efficiency of the scanning machines. Next, a small plastic tube is inserted only about two inches into the rectum. Air is blown through the tube in order to eliminate any tissue folds that might be present in the colon, and the scan begins.

During the virtual colonoscopy scan itself, it is important that the patient remain as still as possible. The patient will most likely be given a pillow to make him or her more comfortable. The scan images are transmitted to a computer software program, which allows the doctor to see a three dimension representation of the colon. The procedure itself takes about fifteen minutes, after which time most patients can resume usual activities.

The Essence Of Skin Cancer And Dermatology

Cancer – It’s one of the most frightening words in the English language, and increasingly, skin cancer is becoming a real concern among many. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy prospect to face. More than 3.5 million people hear this diagnosis on an annual basis, and if you’re one of them, you may be wondering where to turn. Luckily, one of the specialties that’s growing among doctors is dermatology. Colorado Springs alone is one of the places to get hundreds of dermatology professionals and these doctors could help you overcome the diagnosis.

What Happens Now?

You will need to evaluate your condition after having to locate a professional who could help you. A thorough physical examination and a biopsy will be expected from this. Unlike in some other cancers, a biopsy is typically a fairly quick procedure in the event skin cancer is suspected, and you can expect the entire thing to take place in under an hour right in your dermatologist’s office. After you resample has been sent to the lab and given that you indeed have cancer, your doctor should be telling you now your treatment options.

What are the Possible Treatments?

For the most part, your course of treatment will depend highly on the type of skin cancer you are diagnosed with as well as the extent of your condition. There are a couple of common treatments that could be applicable in your case.

Mohs Microscopic Surgery is one of the newest, and best, courses of treatment for many. The overall goal of any surgical procedure is to remove the affected tissues but it’s how the surgery done makes it unique. To start off, the surgeon removes a small piece of the tumor, looking at it through the microscope. The process is continued, mapping out the tumor, until the whole thing is removed.

The advantages here are tremendous. It’s success rate is 98% first of all, and it works on large lesions that didn’t respond well to other treatments. Secondly, it’s an outpatient procedure that can be done in most surgical centers. And lastly, this surgery is ideal for lesions that are on the face or other areas visible because the skin tissues are preserved using this technique.

Skin cancer is not easy to face, but one of the best things to do, is to work with a clinic that would specialize in dermatology. Colorado Springs has much to offer in this arena, so it’s essential that you find the right practitioner to meet your needs.

Bladder Cancer Prevention and Control

When you think about cancer prevention and control, the bladder is probably an organ that does not come to mind immediately. This is because bladder cancer is often overlooked due to the surge in information regarding cancers of the breast and prostate. But there is a breadth of information available which focuses on preventing and treating this form of the disease.

Because bladder cancer usually attacks you later in life, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle today. Poor habits and family history can play a large role in your efforts at bladder cancer control.

The American Cancer Society discusses four types of bladder cancer people can develop. They are urothelial carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinma, and small cell cancer. Each type of bladder cancers is treated differently; and patients are urged to consult with their doctors before beginning any regimen.

Cancer of the bladder can be detected early by recognizing certain symptoms such as blood in the urine or a sudden change in your bladder habits. If you are experiencing any other abnormalities, such as excessive pain, you should see your doctor immediately. If you are having trouble with bladder pain control, it could be a warning sign of a growing tumor.

If you are a smoker, then it is important to stop this habit as part of your cancer prevention and control regiment. Smoking is a leading culprit in many kinds of cancers, especially when it involves the bladder.

Doctors also urge patients to practice healthy habits such as eating a well-balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and hearty grains. Exercising is another key to warding off bladder cancer because being active can help your body maintain its natural defenses.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid cancer if you have defective genes inherited from your family. To help you in this fight, consult with family members to learn of their history and inform your doctor of your findings. These are just a few of the ways to lower your risks for developing cancer of the bladder.

If you do develop bladder cancer, there are options for treating this disease. You can choose from several different surgeries, depending on the aggression and stage of your cancer. These can range from a partial removal of the bladder to having the entire organ extracted from the body.

If you are in the earlier stages of this type of cancer, you could opt for immunotherapy, chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatments. After receiving your initial treatment, it is important to receive follow-ups to ensure the cancer does not return.

If you do have a relapse of your cancer, there are new tests and treatments out to help determine the stage and severity of it. The American Cancer Society discusses on the web site two new tests able to detect tumor cells by using urine samples.

A new treatment for cancer relapses is a PDT, or photodynamic therapy test. This method involves injecting a chemical into the body which clings to tumor cells in the bladder. A laser is then used to kill the tumor cells and eliminate the cancer. As research continues for this disease, better advancements in treatments and early detections will be released to help fight this deadly killer.

With all the information available to day about cancer, there is good reason why you should advocate cancer prevention and control in your life. This is especially true for cancers that are not discussed frequently in the news, such as bladder cancer. Preventing any kind of cancer involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, a well-balanced diet and avoiding habits such as smoking.